В любви нет страха, но совершенная любовь изгоняет страх, потому что в страхе есть мучение; боящийся не совершен в любви

1Иоанна 4:18

Practice giving, and people will give to you. They will pour into your laps a fine measure, pressed down, shaken together, and overflowing. For with the measure that you are measuring out, they will measure out to you in return” (According to Luke 6:38)

Performance of the master of sports of the international class Kosyanenko Sergey (52 years at that time) in weight category to 68 kg at the all-Russian competitions in kettlebell lifting in the city of Kaluga on December 7, 2013.

Место ФИО г/рож Звание вес гири Толчок Рывок Сумма Очки Очки Вып.
1 Шаповалов Евгений 1979 МС 67,7 32 105 110 55 160 320 МС
2 Kasyanenko Sergiy 1961 МСМК 67,1 32 56 117 58,5 114,5 229 МС
3 Горлов Николай 1987 КМС 66,5 32 74 76 38 112 224 МС+
4 Суходоев Валерий 1978 КМС 67,4 32 73 78 39 112 224 МС+
5 Титенко Владимир 1991 КМС 67,2 32 67 86 43 110 220 МС+
6 Виноградов Антон 1986 МС 67,6 32 60 93 46,5 106,5 213 КМС
7 Хабаров Валентин 1994 КМС 66,8 32 66 65 32,5 98,5 197 КМС
8 Иванов Дмитрий 1989 КМС 66,7 32 50 86 43 93 186 КМС
9 Безруков Валерий 1993 КМС 68 32 46 65 32,5 78,5 157 КМС
10 Толкачев Александр 1973 2 64,5 24 60 105 52,5 112,5 112,5 1
11 Каримов Олег 1986 1 65,8 32 28 45 22,5 50,5 101

Hello! Glad to see you on my website! Judging by the fact that you are on this page, you need a good coach. In this article I will briefly talk about myself and what I can teach you.

Sorry for the bad English translation!

A little about myself

My name is Sergey, surname Kasyanenko. Once, at the end of the last century, my name was known to almost all weightlifters: was the champion of Russia in the snatch to 65 kg, the winner of the world Championships and Russia, the winner of the Cup of Russia, was a member of the Presidium of the WFGS and the scientific and methodological Commission of the ifgs. The master of sports of the international class, and at that time was one of the few who carried out the standard of msmk both in classics, and in a long cycle. The last time he performed the standard master of sports in 2015 at the age of 54 years (weight category up to 68 kg).

About the coaching achievements

Avetisyan Mushegh twice won the world championship among young men under 18 years. Brahmanov Nariman won the absolute championship of Russia among young men up to 16 years, speaking in the light weight category. Kostrikov Alexey became the prize-winner of superiority of Russia and the World among juniors. Voychenko Basil had won a breakthrough in the championship of Russia. Levshina Zoya repeatedly became the prize-winner of the all-Russian competitions. Trained more than fifteen masters of sports. He was one of the founders of women’s weight sport in Russia. Trained mostly children and advised many Mature athletes by correspondence.He was one of those who were the first to produce printed publications on kettlebell lifting with methodological and statistical data.My coaching motto: “Do not stop there, go forward , constantly learn and improve.”

What can I help

Put the technique of basic exercises.

* Learn to make a training plan for the season, period, month, one lesson.

* Move the not growing result from the dead point.

* To achieve the intended goal (the implementation of the standard, successful performance at certain competitions).

* Correct mistakes in the training process.

What is needed?

Contact the site administrator: https://dvapyda.ru/feedbackЕIf you want to try to cooperate with Sergey Kosyanenko, then use the feedback: https://dvapyda.ru/feedback or write me in chat https://dvapyda.ru/account/?user=1&tab=chat

THE FIRST MONTH OF TRAINING ABSOLUTELY FREE! Further on arrangements, if you wish to cooperate with me

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