Do kettlebell lifting!

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What do you associate weightlifting with? If you answered that with weightlifting, then you are deeply mistaken. Weightlifting is, by its nature, closer to athletics, skiing, rowing and swimming. With weightlifting, it is united only by the name of the exercises, even the technique of performing these exercises is in many ways not similar.
Weight lifting is first of all endurance. Not for nothing, it is often called "horse" sport. Here it’s not just necessary to lift weights, but to raise as many times as possible in the allotted time. Therefore, it is rare that a high-class weight-lifter is obtained from a high-class weightlifter, because these are completely different sports.


Weight lifting has a beneficial effect on the growth and strengthening of the cardiovascular system of a person. Due to the large volumes of cyclic exercises, the respiratory system is well developed, the volume of the lungs is growing, which has a beneficial effect on the overall development of the body. Physical endurance increases, the body's immune system is strengthened.
Through regular training strengthens the nervous system. A person becomes more adapted to stressful situations. It develops patience and character, increases efficiency several times.
Many girls and women are constantly thinking how to keep a slim figure and not become fat. So, doing kettlebell lifting is the perfect solution to these problems. The weight of a small weight and its multiple lifting burns up so much energy that no exercise equipment and diets are as effective as this simple projectile. You can eat sweet cakes and other goodies, and the weight will quickly burn those extra calories. A good weight lifter has no calories!
Thanks weights can travel a lot. Weight lifting is developed in almost all regions of Russia, therefore, with a serious attitude to training, you will surely visit many competitions in different parts of our immense Motherland, and if you try especially hard, you will ride around the world. Now weight-lifting is rapidly gaining popularity in all corners of the globe.
And another important advantage of weightlifting. Weight lifting is an elixir for active longevity. In many weight-lifters competitions, you can see how sixteen-year-old boys and fifty-year-old men compete on equal terms with mature athletes of 20-30 years of age. Personal example: for the first time fulfilled the standard of the master of sports at the age of 30, the last time he gained the standard of the master of sports at the age of 54.


t is best to train in specialized clubs and sports schools, under the guidance of an experienced coach. Do not despair if there are none in your area. Train at home, the coach can be found via the Internet. Write to me – – КОСЬЯНЕНКО СЕРГЕЙ ИВАНОВИЧ: servankos@gmail.com – I will be glad to help.