Why this site

Нет ничего тайного, что не сделалось бы явным; и ничего не бывает потаенного, что не вышло бы наружу

Марка 4:22

“I have come to know that everything the true God makes will endure forever. There is nothing to add to it and nothing to subtract from it. The true God has made it this way, so that people will fear him” (Ecclesiastes 3:12)

Welcome to the site DVAPYDA.RU!

I’m so glad you stopped by! I really hope that he will not disappoint you. I don’t speak English well. Sorry for the bad translation! The computer did. I also apologize that not all pages have been translated into English. I’m working on it.

Goals and objectives

First aim: to Acquaint of lifters Bible. I wanted to show how closely this wise Book is connected with our lives.

The second goal: to Help weightlifters quickly find the necessary information about weight lifting. Really wanted to help you find the desired protocols, rules of kettlebell sport, calendar records, of the discharge regulations.

The third goal: to Create a resource with an independent rating of Russian weightlifters. In kettlebell lifting of great importance is the order of access to the platform, for this pass cards with the best results. It’s a shame, that many write inflated testimony, specifically, to fall into group strongest. If there is a rating, then athletes can be placed on shifts and platforms according to the latest data of such a rating.

The fourth goal: to Find new students. Due to the adoption of certain amendments to the legislation, I can no longer work as a coach in the youth school, because I am an artist (I graduated from the Kosovo College of folk arts and crafts in Ukraine). My more than thirty years experience of the trainer isn’t necessary to the state, can it to someone after all will be useful. Happy to help!

The fifth goal: Promotion of a healthy lifestyle and a great tool for this – kettlebell lifting. The Union of all the lifters for this purpose.

Benefits of the site

  • Use of rating in the preparation of shifts in the competition.
  • Ability to quickly find the desired Protocol.
  • Ability to go to the main sites of kettlebell lifting.
  • The opportunity to learn the records of Russia.
  • A calendar of all-Russian and international competitions is always at hand.

• * Ability to view the rules of kettlebell lifting online.

  • You will know dozens of the best results in kettlebell lifting in the modern history of this sport in Russia.

• You can always find a template for writing a competent regulations.

What can already be found on the site:

I will try to answer any question as soon as possible. If you have a desire to keep a training diary on my website, write to me, I will open such an opportunity. Except for you, I’m the only one with access to your diary as an administrator. If you are responsible for conducting local competitions, you can open the opportunity to submit the protocols to your competition for all to see

I would also be very grateful if you write your suggestions to improve the functionality of the site or what you personally would like to see on its pages.

I will be glad to cooperate with you! All the best! Come back often!

Sergei Kosyanenko (MSIC in kettlebell lifting)